Watch Now Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Boxing Live Streaming H2H Full Fight Online Pay-Per-View TV channel Nov.27

Watch Now Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Boxing Live Streaming Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Live H2H Full Fight Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Live Online Pay-Per-View TV channel Nov.27 Daniel Jacobs Using Gabe Rosado As A Stepping Stone On Nov.27th On DAZN. By Sean Jones: Daniel Jacobs says he’ll be using Gabriel Rosado as a stepping stone to get a world title shot when he faces him this Friday, November 27th on DAZN.

Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Boxing Live Streaming Gabriel Rosado never forgot a phrase that Daniel Jacobs said to him: “you will never see yourself in the ring with me’ – implying that his low quality as a boxer would prevent him from one day fighting someone like him.But that day has arrived and the Puerto Rican wants the “Miracle Man” to swallow those words.It all happened in December 2019 in Phoenix, when Rosado was a substitute opponent in the event that Julio César Chávez Jr. did not make the 168 pounds – which in effect happened – but Jacobs chose to go ahead with the fight instead of give Rosado a chance.

On November 27, the two boxers will collide at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Fort Lauderdale, with the event being carried by DAZN.Rosado looks at his 12 losses with pride, because none of them broke his spirit and, on the contrary, they have made him the fighter he is today.“Freddie Roach is a very experienced trainer and has helped me prepare a plan against Daniel Jacobs. I really like Freddie, because he doesn’t waste my time in the gym. He always has clear objectives and has helped me grow as a boxer,” Rosado told George Ebro.


Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Boxing Live Streaming . Daniel Jacobs says he’ll be using Gabriel Rosado as a stepping stone to get a world title shot when he faces him this Friday, November 27th on DAZN. Jacobs (36-3, 30 KOs) isn’t happy with the things Rosado (25-12-1, 14 KOs) has said about him in the lead up to this fight, and he wants to make him eat his words when he gets him in the ring.Despite having a poor record with 12 defeats, Rosado is still a contender, and he can punch. It’s no secret that Rosado has lost half of his last six fights since 2016, and he has a history of being a bleeder.

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Jacobs wants to challenge for a world title in 2021 against one of the world champions at super middleweight.Daniel didn’t need to face Rosado to get a world title shot, as his promoter Eddie Hearn was interested in him taking on WBA 168-lb champion Callum Smith or top-rated contender John Ryder.Instead, Jacobs chose Rosado for personal reasons, and the decision isn’t a popular one with the fans. They dislike the Jacobs-Rosado fight, as see it as another easy payday for Jacobs.The contest gives DAZN something to stream on their platform, but it’s not a fight that will attract many subscribers. It’s the equivalent of junk food.

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Fans Not Excited About Jacobs Vs. Rosado

Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Boxing Live Streaming What Jacobs and DAZN don’t need is another early stoppage due to an injury. Jacobs’ last opponent, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, bowed out after five rounds after suffering a broken nose in Phoenix, Arizona.

The fans were so upset that they bombarded the ring with debris after the contest ended, and both fighters had to flee from the ring to avoid injury.

Former IBF/WBA middleweight champion Jacobs, 33, and Rosado are headlining on Friday night on DAZN from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

The reaction boxing fans have about the Jacobs-Rosado contest is a mixed one. Many don’t understand Jacobs’ rationale for choosing to fight a 160-pound contender in #11 WBC Rosado when he moved up to the 168-pound division last year in December.

Jacobs defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr by a fifth-round knockout in his debut at super middleweight in his last contest in December 2019. However, the bout against the 34-year-old Rosado will be conducted at 168. The boxing public wonders why Jacobs has decided to hand-pick a middleweight as his opponent rather than someone from the 168-lb division.

The perception many people have is Jacobs is looking for easy paydays for his fights on DAZN and not serious about wanting to take any real risks unless it’s a massive money fight against the likes of a rematch with Canelo Alvarez.



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Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Boxing Live Streaming Jacobs made good money in May 2019 in losing a 12 round unanimous decision to Canelo in Las Vegas, Nevada.If Jacobs were a younger guy just starting, it would make sense for him to be burning through his career fighting the likes of Rosado and Chavez Jr in consecutive fights. But he’s not young, and he’ll be turning 34 in February.

Jacobs Sees Rosado As A Stepping Stone

Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Boxing Live Streaming “I want to come out and get a stepping stone to that next level, which is the world championship status and those caliber of guys,” Jacobs said during the e-press conference for his fight on November 28th against Rosado.“I feel that Danny is a guy that the networks force on you,” said Rosado. “It’s about putting a*** in seats. You can’t sell out in your own hometown. They got to keep painting a pretty picture of you to market you.

“You know you need a Gabe Rosado to get attention. Sometimes promoters push the wrong dudes. To me, there’s nothing special about Danny Jacobs. I think he’s boring. 100%, I believe I can win this fight. Danny has decent speed, but it’s not lightning speed.“His punching power is okay. It’s not as if he’s a knockout artist. At this level of the game, it’s about who has the better strategy and comes out with the better adjustments.“It’s a matter of coming with the right game plan and adjustments. I feel like I got that going into this fight,” said Rosado.Jacobs might be wasting his time if he truly believes that the sanctioning bodies will be impressed with him beating a fringe middleweight contender like Jacobs.

Ideally, #3 WBO, #5 WBA, #5 WBC, and #9 IBF Jacobs needs to be fighting contenders from the 168-lb division, preferably ones ranked in the top 10. By choosing Rosado, Jacobs makes himself look like an opportunist who is selecting flawed opposition in showcase fights.

If Jacobs really wants to impress boxing fans and get pushed up the rankings at 168, he needs to fight these types of contenders:

  • David Benavidez
  • Edgar Berlanga
  • John Ryder
  • Aidos Yerbossynuly

Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado Boxing Live Streaming “[Jacobs] told me that we were never going to fight. He’s always talked to me like that, that’s why I don’t like him. We started our careers almost at the same time. We have like 14 years of professionals. This fight should have happened long ago, but it will finally be this November 27.“I started my boxing career late, at 18 years old. It took me a long time and many punches to learn and gain experience, because I did not have an amateur career. At this point I already have that experience and I know what to do. I feel strong and with a coach like Roach I will reach a higher level to win a world title.“Freddie is pure business. Every day in the gym we are working on the plan. Freddie is pushing me a lot and the camp has been one of the best I’ve had in my career. The winner [of the fight with Jacobs] can go for a world title and that is what motivates me, the possibility of being a champion.”

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